The Committee on Environmental Thought (ComET) is an environmental theory research group based at the University of Colorado, Boulder. The Committee was initially convened by Professor Benjamin Hale in early 2010 as a means of collaborating on projects related to environmental theory. Members of the group seek to investigate and explore environmental problems and the normative presuppositions that inform, frame, and guide solutions to these problems. 

Using the tools and resources of philosophical inquiry, we engage in environmental problem solving, theory, and education by presenting our ideas through academic and multimedia outlets, with the hope of engaging philosophy in environmental discourse. We hope to foster deeper thought and reflection on the values espoused by our actions with regard to the natural world.


Current and past committee members include Benjamin Hale, Alexander Lee, Adam Pérou Hermans Amir, Lucy McAllister, Amanda Magee, Jordan Kincaid, Lee Brann, Lydia Lawhon, and others.