To date, few have sought to carefully address the ethics of climate change in a public and accessible venue. If done well, our hope is that these discussions about fairness, rights, justice, and values can help facilitate a more robust dialogue as we face down serious change.

Building a series of episodes from the ground up, and doing it well, means that we have some hefty production costs.  At this point, we have a small bank of footage, a structure for the episodes, a theme for each episode, and a bunch of stories we'd like to tell. But we still need to do much, much more to make these episodes accessible to the audience we're trying to hit.

What we need, in order of importance:

  1. Animations
  2. Sound/music
  3. Student and PI Salaries
  4. Travel
  5. Equipment/hardware

Our objectives in the short term are to finish the Shifting Frontier project, but our longer term objectives are to bring a suite of environmental and ethical questions to a wider audience through this short video format.