Dale Jamieson, Philosophy and Environmental Studies, NYU

Prof. Dale Jamieson here talks about his book on climate responsibilities, the role of science in public policy, and the impact of climate change on non-human nature.

Interview Questions:

  • 0:26: Can you tell us a bit about your book?
  • 2:26: How do you understand the moral problem of climate change?
  • 3:55: What role do you think scientists can, do, or should play in this unfolding moral issue?
  • 5:26: Do you think there’s a way to inject insight into the policy discourse such that this policy prescriptive science is better flushed out?
  • 6:46: Can you say something about human responsibilities for causing climate change?
  • 7:30: Does establishing human responsibilities contribute to the discussion in an important way, or is it just finger-pointing?
  • 9:44: What do you think the prospects for acknowledging an individual moral responsibility to address climate change?
  • 11:14: Does this responsibility entail any obligations to non-human nature?