Bonnie Colby, Economics, University of Arizona

Professor Bonnie Colby here talks about the Tragedy of the Commons.

Interview Questions:

  • 0:13: What is the Tragedy of the Commons?
  • 1:05: Can you offer up a rough definition of a Common Pool Resource and maybe give a few examples?
  • 2:01: You say that there are no rules, but do you think that there may be other solutions to common pool resource problems?
  • 2:49: Are there any other problems with common pool resources other than the tragedy of the commons?
  • 3:45: Would you say that Lake Mead is a common pool resource and might suffer from some of these problems?
  • 5:11: But you would say that water is a common pool resource, and Lake Mead is an institution built around managing this resource, wouldn’t you?
  • 5:25: Would you characterize any of the West’s water problems as tragedies of the commons?
  • 6:18: Are there any consequences for water stemming directly from climatic shifts?
  • 6:35: Can you talk about any competing interests regarding water in the West?
  • 8:00: So here [on campus] we are in a kind of commons, can you talk about how people might use this place and erode it without taking care of it?